Mold Cleaning

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If you unexpectedly come across mold in your home, our experts can help you out. From checking air quality to inspecting mold and cleaning, Massachusetts MA Mold Inspection is well-versed in mold removal and remediation processes.

Our professionals inspect your property to determine areas exposed to mold, identify the mold type, and present possible solutions.

24/7 Emergency Services

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Not every homeowner takes mold growth seriously, but some do. In all honesty, treating mold timely prevents it from spreading and destroying your home surfaces. 

Therefore, there’s nothing wise in delaying the mold remediation process. For this reason alone, we offer round-the-clock services. 

Massachusetts Mold Inspection seeks to provide greater comfort and convenience to its clients and understands the importance of emergency solutions. So, if you stumble across mold on your walls or other surfaces, you can contact us right away. 

Our staff will deal with you professionally and might ask a few questions to gather suitable equipment for mold treatment. As soon as you reach out to us, our team will be on-site within minutes. 

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Our Mold Cleaning Process

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The mold cleaning process doesn’t begin right away. It requires specialized procedures and appropriate steps to inspect mold, knowing its extent, type, and relevant solutions. 

Mold Inspectors Massachusetts MA takes pride in using the right methods to treat mold. Having solved tons of mold growth cases till now, we understand that each mold case is different. This helps us devise an ideal plan for your mold cleaning process. 

Listed below are the common steps we take to treat mold from your property:

Determining the Source

Knowing the source of mold growth is crucial to the treatment process. Of course, without knowing the culprit of the problem, one cannot resolve it. Managing the underlying cause of mold growth helps treat the mold itself. 

As stated earlier, mold spores are present almost everywhere in our environment; removing them entirely is impossible. What’s possible, however, is eliminating the source. Generally, mold thrives in places with higher humidity and moisture levels. 

When our team reaches your property, we tend to identify the mold growth source. Is it poor ventilation or standing water under your sink that is promoting mold? 

Because each client has a different source that spreads mold on their property, we begin by identifying it and proceed further. 

Figuring Out the Extent of Mold

Not all mold types are the same, and the same goes for mold extent. You might see a tiny spot of mold growth on your wall, or it may spread throughout your bathroom floor. 

Of course, a less severe problem would require minor cleaning, and a bigger mold growth would need extensive steps for removal. 

The Federal Emergency Measures Agency explains that hurricanes and floods might lock excessive moisture in your home. Naturally, the aftermath of such natural disasters leads to severe mold growth. 

The agency also suggests that an area bigger than 25 square feet is tricky for a homeowner to handle. At this point, calling in a professional is the right thing to do. 

Mold Inspection Massachusetts MA takes the mission pretty seriously and determines the mold extent right to follow appropriate cleaning procedures. 

Drying Your Property

If your property is exposed to excessive moisture, our experts dry it properly. Because mold cannot thrive without dampness, we take steps to ensure its elimination. 

To begin with, our team at Mold Testing Massachusetts MA uses extraction machines to pump standing water on your property. Then we use air movers and dehumidifiers to ensure that your property and surfaces are completely dry.  

Discarding All Damaged Materials

One of the many reasons why contacting professionals on time is to prevent damaging materials. Delaying the process affects particular items, and we have no choice but to throw them away. 

For instance, when mold absorbs deep within porous materials like drywall, furniture, and carpet, it becomes challenging to remove it. 

Yes, an ideal mold elimination method might work for the time being, but it doesn’t offer a permanent solution. At this point, it is better to toss away the items. 

To prevent this problem, make sure you take timely action and protect your valuable possessions. 


After discarding damaged items, we begin the cleaning process. Our experts at Massachusetts Mold Inspection use antimicrobial sprays to clean and wipe surfaces on your property. Note that our products are chemical-free. 

We use gentle and mild cleaners to protect your items. Further, we follow up our cleaning with disinfecting. This ensures high-standard cleaning practices that we’ve been utilizing for years now.